Reducing the waste that ends up in landfills by systematizing the collection of recyclable materials in Kyrgyzstan
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Tazar is a platform and mobile application for the collection, delivery and disposal of waste in the city of Bishkek. In our application there is a map of the collection of recyclable materials in the city of Bishkek and throughout the republic. Also, our organization actively promotes issues of ecology, respect for the rational consumption and recycling of waste.

Tazar has already become a positive force for social change in Bishkek. It's not just a functional garbage reduction service, but an effective media tool with insightful articles, research and tips. Our application helps many townspeople to properly sort and hand over their waste and recyclable materials.
Case Study
The problem of garbage in The Kyrgyz Republic
Ecological catastrophe on Landfills in Bishkek
The problem of the catastrophic spread of waste in Kyrgyzstan is growing every year and has two reasons: firstly, citizens do not have clear and sustainable ways to dispose of garbage, and secondly, “environmental consciousness” has not yet gained popularity in Central Asia as a trend or outlook. and many consumers simply do not see the problem of throwing garbage on the street.

But due to a vague understanding or lack of it about recyclable and non-recyclable waste among the population, many have difficulties with sorting and handing over their recyclable materials. There is a stereotypical thinking that personal initiatives for sorting and collecting recyclable materials are “useless” and “ineffective” in the conditions of our cities.

Also, there is no specific visible data and estimates on the recyclable waste in the Kyrgyz Republic. Also, the lack of monitoring and visually observable statistics gives the feeling that we do not have problems with waste.

  • Unreasonable consumption - the use of plastic bags and plastic packaging by the population is increasing.
  • Lack of environmental education - leads to lack of awareness of practical ways to reduce, reuse and recycle among citizens.
  • Lack of infrastructure for sorting and processing recyclable materials - the townspeople do not have a convenient way to deliver and hand over their recyclable materials to the center of the collection points.
Our Mission
Reducing amount of waste that ends up in landfills by systematizing the collection of recyclable materials in Kyrgyzstan
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